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Cotlin Raw invites us to stop and appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship.

The brand pays tribute to raw materials and the skilled hands that craft rugs and honour the ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Rugs featuring humble simplicity.

Their singularity lies in the perfect union between the craftsman, the fibre and the technique used.
A harmonious exercise that results in 38 collections that explore concepts such as: texture, roughness, imperfection, abstraction, weaving, weft, nuance... The more authentic, the more unique.

The fibres have been carefully selected to take care of both aesthetics and function.

We offer natural fibres such as Afghan wool with its aged finish, cotton for contrast, jute for a light sheen and braided polypropylene perfect for outdoor use.

Artisans from Italy, India, Nepal and Pakistan have been involved in the creation of Cotlin Raw rugs.

Handmade rugs created with love and dedication by skilled craftsmen.

Natural fibres

Use of carefully selected natural and sustainable fibres.


All rugs are woven using the hand-knotted or flatwoven technique.


Buying an artisan rug is supporting the work of artisans, collaborating with the community and preserving an age-old tradition.

Craftsmanship and customisation, the best partnership.

Cotlin is synonymous with made-to-measure products and this collection is no exception.
We propose a selection of optimal colours to facilitate the choice. However, craftsmanship is the best ally of customisation as it offers unlimited resources to change colour, material, size and shape in each rug.

We have the capacity to weave in large formats offering solutions for large spaces and special projects. We know the importance of adapting ourselves to the projects and not them to standard colours and formats.

Cotlin Raw, a partner in high-end interior design projects

Our collections are suitable for both residential and contract spaces: hotels, restaurants, retail... We provide a service for professionals to customise sizes and colours to achieve unique creations.

The creator
Elisa Padrón

Expert in color and textile design, she spread her knowledge of weaving techniques at Cotlin Raw.

Through her design process directly on the loom, she explores concepts such as: texture, roughness, imperfection, abstraction, weaving, weft, nuance... giving rise to beautiful and harmonious collections.